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When luxury means going green

Can a luxury home also be sustainable? These days, they’re no longer exclusive concepts, great news for those of us who want the best for ourselves and the planet. Living sustainably isn’t just a passing trend, and Aspire are making it a priority. All our homes have impeccable eco-credentials without compromising on quality, style or finish. They’re built to stand the test of time, ready to adapt to the environmental challenges of the future.
Having an expansive, luxurious home no longer means leaving a giant carbon footprint, as long as you plan ahead. We start by designing to maximise natural light, and specify for natural materials as much as possible. All our timber, for example, comes from sustainably managed forests in Sweden and our innovative building methods minimise environmental impact.

Eco-tech in every room
Energy efficiency is an absolute priority in an Aspire home. That means using high-grade insulation materials to keep you warm or cool, year-round. Discreet solar panels provide free power, and the latest LED lighting units need minimal electricity and last for 15+ years.

It all adds up to surprisingly low energy bills, equivalent to a much smaller home.
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A breath of fresh air
Building sustainably also creates a clean and healthy living environment in our homes. All our paints are zero-VOC, so no toxic fumes floating around. Air filtration systems control humidity and pollution, and filtered drinking water reduces the reliance on bottled water.
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We always recommend installing a smart home system, which makes managing your home efficiently much more straightforward – turn everything off with one flick of a switch as you leave the house, or even from a remote location.

So please don’t assume that being sustainable has to mean compromising comfort, style or practicality. As our beautiful homes prove, being green still allows for luxury living. Find out more at

Gary Brine
CEO, Aspire Luxury Properties
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