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Facing up to summer

Beauty therapists see clients on a daily basis with many different concerns about their skin, but normally they all share one… ageing! Epsom Skin Clinics explains treatment options to essence.
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We all want to look youthful with a glowing, smooth complexion, but years of sun damage, poor lifestyle, inadequate diet and the use of unsatisfactory products can lead to premature ageing and blotchy, uneven skin tone.

However, skin rejuvenation is not just about helping with anti ageing; more specifically it can target concerns such as redness, broken veins, pigmentation, dull or sallow complexion and skin tightening. All these can make the skin appear tired and older.

Redness and facial broken veins can be caused by sun damage or other environmental factors and even by something as simple as blowing the nose! Laser treatment can be used effectively to treat these conditions.

Pigmentation is another cause of uneven skin tone. Sun damage is accumulated over a number of years due to sun exposure with a lack of protection. At Epsom Skin Clinics we encourage all clients to protect their skin by using an SPF on an everyday basis (at least an SPF 30 in winter and SPF 50 in summer) specifically intended for the face. We also recommend laser treatment where lesions are targeted and the laser causes the breakdown of melanin which the body then naturally removes. The pigment can sometimes appear darker at first, but this only lasts a short time. There is a range of products from Obagi that helps with pigmentation and also anti ageing offering an 18 week programme to stimulate the dermis into creating more collagen and elastin, as well as targeting the melanocytes to help lighten pigment. The treatment can cause skin to peel for a few weeks at first, before revealing a fresh and healthy complexion.
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Fine lines and wrinkles are a telling sign of age and they can start earlier than we think. We have found at the Clinics that each individual client has their own view on comparable treatments ranging from skin peels to injectables.

Skin peels can target varying skin concerns, from thickened sun damage through to redness and sensitivity. The Enerpeel eye and lip treatment penetrates deeply to minimise wrinkles and tighten skin in these difficult areas. Microneedling is a little more invasive and is used to treat all areas of the face, neck and even chest regenerating and stimulating cell turnover to offer an even complexion as well as promoting collagen production. All this can either be offered as a start to an anti ageing programme, or combined with Botox and dermal fillers which are safe procedures to lessen wrinkles (Botox) or add subtle and healthy volume to skin areas (dermal filler).

The doctor-led team of aesthetic professionals at Epsom Skin Clinics provide state of the art treatments that rejuvenate and enhance looks for clients. We use the latest technology to achieve optimum results whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety. Our in-house team of experienced practitioners spend time with each client to devise a personal treatment plan covering ever-changing requirements.
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