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Many of us have aspects of our bodies we would like to change. For some that manifests itself into a limiting obstacle prompting correctional treatment from Sure Aesthetics. essence found out more.
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Sure Aesthetics is the only clinic in Surrey and Sussex run by a qualified laser trainer, Sarah Horwood. The clinic’s longstanding laser expertise has helped children, trained Harley Street consultants, beauty consultants and worked with war veterans.

It was whilst working as Cynosure’s lead clinical specialist that Sarah assisted the brave veterans at RAF Headley Court. The plastic surgeon there had identified the damage to confidence and rehabilitation that some seemingly ‘small’ problems were having on patients, so laser treatment was a simple, easy resolution. To have lost a limb or to have had extensive skin grafts is tough enough without any added complications.
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Mirra Hair Salon
Maurizio and Katka Ferraro met in 2008 whilst both working as senior stylists at the same company and immediately struck up a rapport. Over a 10-year period Maurizio climbed through the ranks to become manager, picking up multiple awards along the way. Katka, also very successful sought a new challenge and moved to another salon within Surrey in 2013.

Throughout this time the couple’s aim was always to own their own salon. In 2017 the opportunity arose at the perfect location in Baker Street, Weybridge. In October last year their vision, Mirra Hair Salon, became a reality. Maurizio has combined his and Katka’s amazing hairdressing talent and business acumen to make Mirra Hair Salon a success. Katka’s passion for creation means she is always challenging herself, and she is currently preparing for the demands of London and Paris fashion weeks.

All the while their young daughter remains the light of their life and their motivation driving them towards their goals. “We are passionate about what we do and want to make people feel good and happy about themselves. We believe in building long term relationships and pride ourselves on giving our clients the ultimate salon experience.”

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Ingrowing hairs can become infected when trapped under a prosthetic and skin grafted on to the palms of hands grows hairs, causing reluctance for the patient to shake hands. For Sarah, being able to ensure the laser treatment minimised further discomfort was an honour.

Sure Aesthetics clinic has recently launched an Isagenix Body Club which works on many levels. For those looking to lose weight, have better sleep, improve sports performance, gain weight, have more energy or improve health, the Isagenix range provides the products and supplements for nutritional cleansing, health and wellbeing to help the individual.

For more information on Isagenix and treatments available at Sure Aesthetics, see the essence info below.
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Sure Aesthetics
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Wedding planning
For a bride, looking her best on her big day requires forethought. Sure Aesthetics offers the following common beauty treatments and associated timescales to ensure a more radiant, confident glow:

Removal of unwanted hair – begin six months in advance
Many women do not want to shave their legs/underarms/bikini lines or anywhere else whilst on honeymoon and permanent removal of leg, underarm and bikini line hair is a favourite for many. However, the treatment takes several sessions to complete to ensure full hair removal, and having had the treatment, skin is sensitive to light for a few weeks. The procedures are therefore best started in autumn, winter and spring.

Removal of scarring and blemishes – begin four months in advance
Many women have scarring from acne, chicken pox, spots and thread veins or blemishes they are very conscious of and would like removed, especially if on the face. Sarah regularly provides treatments to reduce and remove these which allows make-up to sit better and look smoother in photographs of the big day and then afterwards for life.

Permanent make-up – begin eight weeks in advance
This treatment enables the bride to appear made-up with eyeliner and perfect eyebrows without the worry of make-up smudging or running in an emotional moment. In addition, pool and sea activities can be enjoyed on honeymoon without worrying about make-up.
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“I have seen and spoken to so many anxious laser patients, I wanted to provide a secure, safe, welcoming environment with
a touch of luxury.”
Sarah Horwood, Sure Aesthetics