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How to effortlessly wear Ultra Violet... The colour of 2018

The Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 is the gorgeous Ultra Violet – Pantone 18-3838 – but can we all wear this very futuristic colour? Kate Nicholson, colour analyst and personal stylist with House of Colour, explains how to make it work with style.
The colour purple has been associated with wealth and royalty for centuries. There is a huge range of purples, so everyone can find the right one for them. Here are some tips to help find the right one for you.

Violet and purple are amazing colours with which to create a statement, and wearing them head to toe, or in a colour block dress, can offer a striking look. There are plenty of purple and violet coats in the shops now, and watch out for blouses, capri trousers and skirts making an appearance.
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For those not quite ready to go full on, a pop of purple packs a punch, so try a violet or purple bag paired with neutral colours and then, for maximum style points, wear flats, heels or boots in violet or purple from your season’s palette to offer an exciting accent colour to complete a look. A scarf or necklace that combines violet or purple with other accent colours from your palette will enable an individual to stand out from the crowd.
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Another great way to wear the colour is with nail polish or eyeliner. Brown eyes are always enhanced by violet eyeliner, but be careful, no-one suits the bruised look, so use a steady hand! For most of us, less is more when it comes to violet and purple make-up, so start by applying a little and then build to the depth of colour required.
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