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A full-scale renovation on an existing property or any kind of construction work is a huge undertaking, especially for the uninitiated. It takes planning and requires careful and constant management once the work is underway, Nick Swindells of MRM Project Solutions explains.

A construction project can prove a logistical nightmare and can easily go off the rails very quickly: it’s not for the faint hearted or inexperienced amateur. An architect is there to aid with design and planning, but essentially a hands on manager is required: somebody on-site who has the skills and expertise to look after all the day-to-day aspects of the build. This includes managing contractors, tradesmen and deliveries to ensure smooth and timely running.

Any project can take months to complete and it’s only when the design, architectural planning and construction are all managed professionally that objectives can be achieved, expectations exceeded and the desired result obtained.


MRM Project Solutions Ltd is a bespoke project management company based in Surrey, totally flexible and tailoring its services to meet specific requirements, achieve objectives, solve problems and offer solutions. Renovation and construction is a complicated business and the various contractors will constantly seek guidance which, if not provided, could result in decisions being taken detrimental to the end product.

A manager on site will oversee progress and ensure the project runs according to plan, to schedule, and problem solving along the way. This removes stress for the client so they are happy and achieves the original intent with minimum fuss. There will always be problems and decisions to be made no matter how carefully everything is planned.

Project managers are responsible for the overall planning and managing of a building project, whether a residential home or commercial office. They might work with an architect throughout the project, but the architect will not be on-site every day. Responsibilities include budgeting, managing the contractors, liaising with and updating the client as often as needed, and managing the lifecycle of the project to a successful conclusion. They will importantly handle compliance issues such as health and safety, sustainability and insurance all of which have to be considered and addressed.

It’s a simple choice, and not hiring a project manager may be a false economy. Problems that arise which are not dealt with properly can end up costing far more than any potential saving, and will probably result in the project falling behind schedule.
Are you planning a building or construction project? Why not look to MRM Project Solutions Ltd, a company serving clients throughout London and the southeast.

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