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Some opt for the National Lampoon style of Christmas lighting, ensuring their house can be seen from space; some go for the ultimate in pared back style, even foregoing a Christmas tree. Jane Pople suggests the key to Christmas interior style is investing in a trend that sits somewhere between these two polar opposites.

The festive season signals a lot more than Santa, it also paves the way for a special creative licence when it comes to our homes.
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Bringing a contemporary slant to the bleak monochrome Christmas palette of yesteryear is the Glacier Christmas interior trend. Graphic shapes, simplistic touches and monochrome tones introduce a winter appearance with this arctic inspired look. Natural materials are key, and help create a contemporary and stylish scene perfect for hosting a seasonal get together with friends to celebrate the festive season.
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Festive style is mainly seen in the living room, this is thanks to the Christmas tree and it being the general space for family gatherings. Your tree really should be the focal point, so it can be easier to consider this first and then work your way out around the room. For the Glacier trend, white, silver and black are the mainstays of the palette. Since this is a relatively monochrome look, it’s easy to add interest by using texture: think gloss or mirror finishes across decorations to add the right amount of Christmas sparkle.
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Stylish decorations can be used around the home, not just for the Christmas tree: look to add key festive pieces across mantle pieces and shelves. The simplicity of the colour palette means being bold with patterns, this works especially well across soft furnishings. Cushions and throws can clash patterns in black and white to bring interiors alive.
The dining table is often the star of the show when it comes to Christmas interior style, and it should follow suit from the rest of the festive decor. Set the table with contemporary, modern designs: look to geometric patterns across tableware. In keeping with the look, maintain the table in black and white and add festive details from ribbons to tree decorations to create the perfect stylish seasonal setting.
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Candles will always add ambience to a home and never more so than at Christmas. Elegant glass candleholders will bring the Glacier look together; look for interesting seasonal shapes such as stars or designs with festive slogans. Don’t forget about home fragrance, this is integral for the perfect festive interior and will add the perfect seasonal atmosphere.
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The front of a house can always benefit from a dusting of festive style, and in keeping with the look it can work best if kept simple. Try a contemporary wreath on the front door and perhaps a few carefully placed minimalist trees on the front step, or perhaps just a few lights in a window to give a festive glow to the outside.
So why not give the home decor an uplift in time for Christmas with the Glacier interior trend?

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Top three trends for 2017

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Trends are notoriously hard to predict but we placed Viki Lander, Creative Director at Ensoul Interior Architecture, on the spot to provide decor with an insight into her top design trends for 2017.

Inject Personality

Whilst 50 shades of grey continues to dominate the interiors world we are seeing a move away from this to create interesting and personal homes. Smart use of colour, pattern and texture brings a space to life. With imagination, bravery and application and by using paint colours, striking wallpapers and wall coverings, textured or patterned rugs and carpets, all can transform a blank canvas into something very special.

The addition of beautiful furniture, carefully curated accessories, photo and books on tables and shelves, bold and personal art, interesting light fittings and lamps will all add the finishing touches.

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Go Bespoke
The ability to design a home to your precise taste can transform a property. Something that ‘just looks fine’ but doesn’t work very well, can be altered into something life changing.

Refurbishments are fundamentally about reconfiguring space to suit personal lifestyles. Over time needs change from owner to owner and also for the same owner as well. Children arrive and grow up, jobs change or increased home working drives demand for a home office. All these create a requirement to reconfigure a living home, and make the best use of space and technology.

Bespoke areas, and an increasing trend for unique furniture introduces a sleeker look and an opportunity to use more interesting materials. At Ensoul we are seeing more special projects requested; such as a 3.5m long Calacatta marble dining table; an Onyx bar and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, all currently on our drawing board.

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Add Lifestyle
With work and life pulling in so many directions and smart phones upping the ante, there’s a definite trend for putting in more enjoyable lifestyle elements into the home and garden to unwind and relax wherever possible.

Where space is not an issue, walk in dressing rooms, fully equipped gyms, swimming pools with spas, cinema rooms, bars and temperature controlled wine rooms have all become must haves for today’s luxury properties. Where space is an issue extensions are being constructed to accommodate them.

Smart technology has really come of age in the home, but the smartest item we recommend is to install commercial grade IT network for super-fast broadband and IP telephony. This provides fantastic download speeds, seamless home working and with the advantage of a lower phone bill.

No longer just a Californian or Australian phenomenon, the ‘Outdoor Kitchen’ has become a great attraction for those wishing to enjoy BBQs and outdoor living all year round. So what’s involved? Think fitted kitchen runs with lots of stainless steel in the form of grills, fridges and cocktail stations; infra red heaters for much needed heat during the colder months; sliding glass doors and louvred roofs to create both inside outside options. Add fabulous furniture inside, to lounge, dine and party with family and friends.

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