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Bang & Olufsen introduces Beolab 50 and Beovision Eclipse in Piano Black

Experience the dynamic force and mesmerising appeal of perfectly crafted colour.

Bang & Olufsen today presents two enduring design icons, Beolab 50 and Beovision Eclipse, in a sophisticated Piano Black colourway.

True to the legacy of Bang & Olufsen, the Piano Black products exude luxury, infinite sophistication, innovation and a highly ambitious approach to the relationship between sound, image and design. The captivating, paramount colour signals empowerment, glamour and mystery, thus adding boldness and vogue to the classic Beolab 50 loudspeaker and Beovision Eclipse TV. Vibrant sound and aesthetics are combined to perfection, and never before have craftsmanship and colours been this gracefully entangled.

Beolab 50 lights up the black
With the launch of Beolab 50 Piano Black, Bang & Olufsen continues the success of the loudspeaker while adding a dynamic, balanced glossy surface and distinct details. At first glance, hundreds of tiny polished, aluminium dots on the front reminds one of a frozen waterfall or seems to be floating in the air giving Beolab 50 a deeper, almost layered visual expression, reflecting the light. The distance between the dots is chosen to give a notion of the magic going on behind the front, where the speaker drivers are laid out to create the best possible control of the sound. The efficient cooling plates are visually extended into the baffles, to create both a functional as well as an attractive surface treatment. Warm oak lamellas add to its slender, insisting appearance, giving it a contemporary, yet classic look.

Beovision Eclipse in a new, classic attire
The avant-garde, futuristic Beovision Eclipse is the best sounding TV on the market and features 4K HDR OLED screen technology. Complimenting the thin black screen is the new, elegantly crafted black front cover and sound centre, stressing that the TV is greater than the sum of its parts and designed to integrate exquisitely with your lifestyle. The Beovision Eclipse TV connects wirelessly with up to 8 speakers, so for ultimate surround sound experience, the high-end active loudspeaker Beolab 50 is a great match.

Debuting a new floor stand
To compliment the elegance of the new colourway, and in a play with gravity, designer Torsten Valeur has created a new Beovision Eclipse floor stand that takes up little footprint on the floor and which consists of an aluminium tube in either silver or brass-toned aluminium with a black painted floor plate and steel arm.

The iconic planet stand which can turn the screen almost 90 degrees with the touch of a button and the manual or motorised wall mounted solution are also available for the Piano Black Beovision Eclipse.

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