Guildford Cathedral

‘Do Not Be Afraid’

I Said To My Soul, Be Still
‘Do Not Be Afraid’ Art Exhibition Opens at Guildford Cathedral in time for Lent
Catherine Clancy’s work inspired by great poets and hope

Guildford, 17 February – 6 April 2015: Artist Catherine Clancy is holding an exhibition in Guildford Cathedral titled, “Do Not Be Afraid”. Her evocative abstract paintings and impressive sculptures are the culmination of a year’s work, which form this ground-breaking exhibition. The work is timely; as people prepare for a period of abstinence Clancy mirrors in image what is felt in the heart.

Clancy speaking ahead of the exhibition said: “All of us in our lives face dark times, from the loss of a loved one, to the loss of a relationship, or health and financial problems. My work looks at how we face down these fears, how we have to go through the dark to emerge into the light. Ultimately this is a journey about the return of the spirit after desolation and despair”.

Clancy has chosen the title ‘Do Not Be Afraid’ as reference to the visitation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary during the Annunciation. She wishes to illuminate Mary’s ability to say ‘yes’ when truly scared. The title also refers to a more recent example of bravery when the poet Seamus Heaney said: ‘Noli Timere’ – ‘Do not be afraid’ as a last gift of love and reassurance, to his wife as he passed away. In response to, and in support of the exhibition, a series of lectures will be given at the Cathedral over Lent, exploring the same title, “Do not be afraid”.
Clancy in the studio
The exhibition’s opening work takes inspiration from Eliot’s poem the ‘The Four Quartets’, beginning with despair where all seems lost, to a spiritual awakening. Clancy is also influenced by other poets such as Robert Graves, Robin Robertson and the writings of some of world’s great philosophers, charting the journey from darkness to a more hopeful place. This triumphant moment is beautifully captured by her painting ‘A Blinding Brightness.’

Clancy’s work is profound and will arrest the soul. Her use of oil and colour is stunning. The well-known Irish philosopher Richard Kearney commenting on Clancy’s work in her catalogue said: “Beautiful images and hugely moving text”.

Catherine Clancy works as both a painter and a sculptor. Catherine holds a PhD in Philosophy and Fine Art from University of the Arts London. Prior to this she studied at Central St. Martins. The exhibition opens at Guildford Cathedral on 17th February 2015 and runs for seven weeks. The opening times are from Monday to Saturday 9.30am – 4.30pm

For more information contact: Catherine Clancy – Artist
Telephone: 07903 354278
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