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Five ways to feel younger with Dr. Hilary Jones

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Dr. Hilary’s top tips for feeling younger than your years

“My philosophy is that we are all still kids at heart, only older. It is important to stay curious about new things and have fun! We don’t stop laughing when we die; we die when we stop laughing!” Dr. Hilary Jones.

1 Train your brain! There’s a lot you can do to keep your memory in good shape and your brain firing. Consider a new hobby that you can enjoy with your partner or friends. Competition keeps you keen! Test yourself with crosswords or Sudoku, or why not learn a new language or take up a musical instrument! Even driving a new route to work can wake up sleepy brain cells.

2 Keep your senses sharp! New research by Hidden Hearing reveals that enjoying quality time with friends and family is what makes us feel our youngest and happiest. Despite this, over half of people in the UK have noticed thier hearing has declined, and 2 in 5 people find socialising in larger groups harder than they used to due to background noise. Take advantage of a free hearing test at one of Hidden Hearing’s high street hearing centres to ensure no hearing loss goes undiagnosed. Visit www.hearstohealth.co.uk (going live 25 July).

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3 Get out in the fresh air! Getting outside and enjoying a brisk walk in the fresh air is one of the most effective natural energisers - helping to boost circulation, increase feel-good endorphins and strengthen bones and muscles. Walking also benefits our brain health – studies show that walking 6 miles or more per week can help prevent dementia and preserve memory.

4 Get your zzz’s is the simplest way to feel younger right now. Chances are you’re not getting as much as you need so cut-out caffeine after 3pm and try turning in early enough to get 8 hours of good quality sleep. You’ll feel the difference in a matter of days and have more energy and fewer dark circles to boot!

5 Keep laughing! We’re still kids at heart with the same basic need for love, laughter and excitement but sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of it as the stress of modern life overwhelms us. It’s never been easier to stay in touch with family and friends, and doing so can actually be good for your health so why not make time to rekindle the camaraderie of old friends, engineer a few belly laughs and let your hair down!

To book a free hearing test and for more details on hearing loss, visit www.hearstohealth.co.uk (going live 25 July) or call 0800 037 2060.

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