Postcard Teas

Postcard Teas

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New Teas 2019

We're starting off the new year by adding the second tea to what will be our 'Family' range - teas made without pesticides by small farmers, which can be bought in bulk at prices that compete with the supermarkets.

Family Breakfast
We have blended our regular Family Tea from the Sahyadri farmers group in Kerala with a new tea from the Hanundugoda Small Farms group that our friend Herman Gunaratne has helped set up near his estate in Galle. The Family Breakfast is a strong, rich breakfast tea that we have blended specifically to go with milk, and priced at a point where it can be a part of your daily routine. We will be adding more teas to the Family range periodically later this year. See here

Winter High Mountain & Osmanthus Long Jing
While 2019's teas wont be in until April, the new year is also a chance to try the previous year's autumn and winter teas. We have received two so far: the new winter harvest of our High Mountain Oolong made on Chi Lai Shan in November, along with Master Luo's Osmanthus Long Jing, a tea he only blends in autumn when his osmanthus tree starts to flower. See here >>> &

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